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This takes many forms: content writing (articles, newsletters, e-books...), keyword selection, page layout, metadata, internal linking and backlinks...

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Social networks, sales pages, landing pages, slogans, impactful messages...


Site audit, backlinks, internal linking, meta-data, performance...

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Writing articles, product sheets, presentations, tone of voice, storytelling...

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Newsletters, e-mail campaigns, open rates, Mailchimp, SendinBlue...


Google Ads campaigns, choosing keywords, writing ads...


Corrections, proofreading, translations, artistic writing, projects...


Did you know that you only have 8 seconds to convince people on the Internet?

In8 secondsyou need to convince a stranger to buy your product, sign up for your newsletter or simply come back to your website.

The amount of information we receive on a daily basis is such that our attention spans have shrunk considerably.

In a world as teeming as that of the Internet, it's not easy to stand out from the competition.
Fortunately, there are techniques for seducing visitors.

Google's aim is to respond to the queries of its visitors. It will give preference to sites that are best laid out, both for visitors and for its own algorithms.

Through optimized writing and the application of good SEO practices,
your site can easily move up the Google rankings and generate more traffic.

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Get optimized content tailored to web requirements to improve your website's presence and visibility


Taking care of your website takes a considerable amount of time.
Devote yourself to your business by entrusting it to a professional.

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Opt for one-off, cost-effective services rather than hiring a
full-time employee.


Weekdays, evenings, weekends or emergencies? The freelancer will always be available for you.

Why use a freelance copywriter?

A freelancer is not just another employee. They work hard to create a lasting relationship with you, and they want you to be satisfied with their services.

He treats you as a partner, and works to deliver the best product. After all, you're his best showcase.

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They trusted me

Frequently asked questions

No, even though I used WordPress to patiently build my own.

I can help with the installation of a few extensions, but I mainly deal with the textual part and the SEO criteria.

If you want to create a website from scratch, I can work with a developer and provide you with a turnkey solution.

Internet presence requires time andmoney, which is not always available when you're running a small business.

The temptation to do it all yourself is great, butthe risk of technical errors is high, especially when you don't know the material!

Freelancing is the best way to achieve concrete results. Not content with being the cheapestoption, they'll work hard to build a close relationship with you and offer you personalized service. 

As quality is better than quantity, he will focus on a limited number of projects, so that he can concentrate on completing yours.


As a general rule, be wary if you're promised the guaranteed top spot on Google every time. 

This is extremely simplistic and fails to take into account the 1,000 and 1 specificities of SEO.

On the other hand, it's quite possible to come out on top in a Google search if you position yourself effectively on a series of keywords.

You're more likely to appear at the top of the list with "magasin pièces détachées Lyon" than "pièces détachées".

In addition to keywords, there are many other criteria to take into account, such as site loading time, internal linking...

Go to page SEO consultancy page for more information.

Although the two concepts share common ground (after all, both are about seduction), the methods and contexts differ.

The copywriter must be able to persuade in a very short space of time (slogan, advert, catchphrase...) and by appealing to the emotions of his readership. 

Copywriting is very useful if you want your targets to take action (purchase, subscription, database...). See our Copywriting page to find out more.

The copywriter's job is to create rich texts that will improve natural referencing andattract more visitors to the site.

Web contentis recommended if you want to generate traffic and improve your Google ranking.
Go to page Web contentto find out more.

Rates depend on the services provided, and of course on the project proposed.

For an SEO consultancy, expect to pay around €50/hour. For an audit, the more extensive your site, the longer it will take to analyze.

For copywriting, it depends on the format and the work involved (keyword research, CMS integration, etc.). Expect to pay between €50 and €65 an hour.

A day's work will be invoiced at €300 excluding VAT.

Very simple:

  1. You can send me a message with your detailed request using the form on the page Contact.
  2. If necessary, we can arrange a conference call to review the situation.
  3. I'll give you your project.

Rest assured, if I am unable to carry out the assignment, I will inform you so that you can find another service provider.

So, are you ready to get your business off the ground?

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