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boris ghanem

Hello everyone, my name is Boris Ghanem

I'm a copywriter, web copywriter and freelance SEO consultant working from Brussels and remotely.

My mission: to write web-friendly content and improve the facets of your site in order toincrease its traffic (and, consequently, your sales).

I write copy that enhances your positioning on the Internet throughoptimized writing and SEO, as well as emails thatstrike a chord with your target audience.

So, ready to work together?



You are

  • Self-employed, small business, boutique, start-up, VSE or SME
  • An association, institution, organization or NGO
  • Owner of a website, blog or page
  • Seeking a copywriter for occasional assignments
  • Other

You have a problem

  • Your website is poorly ranked on Google
  • Your website doesn't have content
  • Nobody reads your texts
  • You need articles to feed your website
  • You lack inspiration or are uncomfortable with writing

How I work
(to meet your needs)

  • SEO audit of your site
  • Writing optimized articles, product sheets, content...
  • Structuring your website
  • Impactful messages
  • Search engine optimization


Do you know how much time your website has to convince the Internet?

8 seconds.

In 8 seconds, you need to convince a stranger to buy your product, subscribe to your newsletter or simply come back to your website.

The amount of information we receive on a daily basis is such that our attention span has been considerably reduced.

In a world as teeming as the Internet, it's not easy to stand out from the competition.
Fortunately, there are techniques to seduce visitors.

Google's aim is to respond to the queries of its visitors. It will give priority to sites that provide
the best layout, both for visitors and for its own algorithms.

Through optimized writing and the appliance of good SEO practices,
your website can easily move up the Google rankings and generate more traffic.

Call on a web copywriter to optimize
your texts
and your website.

My services

SEO consulting


Web editing

Other services


Get optimized web-friendly content to generate more traffic and conversions.

Writing takes a lot of time.
Devote yourself to your business
by entrusting your texts to a professional.

Opt for punctual, cost-effective
services rather than hiring a full-time

Improve your website's presence and
visibility with
top-notch methods.


No, even though I used WordPress to patiently build my own.

Even though I can assist with the installation of a few extensions, my primary focus revolves around optimizing the textual aspects and SEO criteria to enhance your online presence.

If you want to create a website from scratch, I can work with a developer and provide you with a turnkey solution.

While both concepts revolve around the idea of appealing, it's important to recognize that they differ significantly in their methods and contexts.

The copywriter's skill lies in their ability to persuade effectively within a concise space of time (through slogans, advertisements, catchphrases...) by appealing to the emotions of their readership. 

Copywriting proves to be highly effective in motivating your target audience to take specific actions (making purchases, subscribing to services, joining your database...). Feel free to explore our dedicated Copywriting page to find out more.

The copywriter's role is to craft compelling and engaging texts that not only enhance natural referencing but also draw in a greater number of visitors to the website

Content writing is highly recommended if you aim to fuel traffic to your website and enhance your Google ranking.
To explore further insights on this topic, please visit the page dedicated to Content writing to find out more.

Developing a robust internet presence demands both time and financial resources, which may not always be readily available, especially for small businesses managing limited budgets.

The temptation to do it all yourself is great, but the risk of technical errors is high, especially when you don't know the material!

Freelancing proves to be the optimal approach for achieving tangible results. Far beyond simply being the most cost-effective choice, freelancers are committed to establishing a strong and personalized bond with you, ensuring dedicated efforts and delivering bespoke services to meet your specific needs. 

As quality is better than quantity, he will focus on a limited number of projects, so that he can focus on completing yours.

Rates depend on the services provided.

When seeking an SEO consultancy service, the average rate is around €50 per hour. As for an audit, the time required for analysis will depend on the scale and complexity of your website; the more extensive it is, the longer the audit process may take.

Regarding copywriting services, the cost may vary depending on the format and complexity of the work involved, which includes tasks such as keyword research, CMS integration, and more. Typically, you can anticipate an hourly rate ranging from €50 to €65.


As a general rule, be cautious when you encounter promises of a guaranteed top spot on Google every time 

This is extremely simplistic and fails to take into account the 1,000 and 1 specificities of SEO.

On the other hand, it is entirely feasible to excel in Google search rankings by strategically positioning yourself on a series of well-chosen keywords.

You're more likely to appear at the top of the list with "shop spare parts London" than "spare parts".

In addition to keywords, there are many other criteria to take into account, such as website loading time, internal linking...

Go to theSEO consultancy page for more information.

Very simple:

  1. You can send me a message with your detailed request using the form on the page Contact.
  2. If necessary, we arrange a conference call to review the situation.
  3. I'll deliver your project.

Rest assured that if I am unable to fulfill the assignment, I will promptly inform you, allowing you to seek an alternative service provider.

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