SEO consulting

What is SEO?

Behind this futuristic abbreviation lie the Ten Commandments of Internet Positioning. Well, a little more than ten, I'll give you that...

SEO( Search Engine Optimization) is the set of best practices you need to follow to ensure your website ranks well on search engines.

As you can see, it's vital to increase your visibility in a highly competitive online market.

This is where SEO consulting comes in.

What does SEO consulting involve?

Several criteria determine a good SEO score:

Backlinks, site performance, tag hierarchy, keyword relevance, meta-descriptions, indexing, UX, page ranking, robots... (to find out more about these abstract concepts, I invite you to read my explanatory article on SEO).

At this game, you should know that web copywriting and copywriting have a major influence on the quality of your site. Take a look at the benefits and services we offer.

The list is long, non-exhaustive and regularly updated by the big shots on the net.

Simple details can have an unsuspected impact, such as the infamous 404 error page, which sends a very bad signal to Google and lowers your site's rating.

A site's reputation is extremely important, as it influences your ranking in a Google search query.

It's therefore imperative to present a clean, intuitive site, both to Internet users and to search engine algorithms, which are fond of reading codes.

So, like a respectable citizen who has regular check-ups with his doctor, it's time to give your virtual storefront a check-up.

SEO consultancy will highlight elements that may seem insignificant, but whose poor performance is detrimental to your site.

SEO audit

That's where I come in, with an analysis of your site in terms of the main aspects (site structure, semantic universe, loading...) that are taken into account in Google rankings. 

The SEO audit is the cornerstone of SEO consulting, as it integrates all your site's performance indicators.

At the end of the audit, you will receive a report including :

The benefits of SEO consulting

Thanks to SEO consultancy, you'll be able to take a global view of the value of your storefront. What consultancy can do for you :   

Identify the problems hampering your site
Identifying areas for growth
Know your target market
Improve your site's performance
Increase your site's visibility, traffic, conversion and, ultimately, sales.
Put yourself in the place of the visitor to your site and propose an appropriate path.

Other SEO services

The audit gives you an overall view of the site, but sometimes you already know what adjustments need to be made. SEO consulting includes, among others, the following services:

Internal linking


Responsive mode




Practical info

As an SEO audit is by nature multidimensional, you should allow at least a day, or a day and a half for a simple site. 

The more pages and the more complex the structure of your site (e.g., the e-commerce site of a major brand), the more time... and money... you'll need to spend.

It's up to you to decide what resources to allocate to this project and how much time you have available.

If you're a large organization that needs fast results, it's best to turn to an agency (but the price will be higher). If your company and/or your site are of a more modest size, then it would be more advantageous to use a freelancer (for example, me ^^).

Rates: from €500 for an audit. For other SEO consultancy services, it depends on the nature of the work required, but expect to pay around €50 per hour.

So, are you ready to get your business off the ground?

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