What is copywriting?

Copywriting is a writing technique designed to persuade Internet users to undertake a targeted action (purchase a product, subscribe to a newsletter, share data, etc.).

These are mainly texts positioned in strategic places on your site, sometimes coupled with attractive typography and color to stimulate the surfer.

Copywriting is essential because it's the key to conversion. In a way, it's an express seduction. Copywriting is the main weapon when it comes to boosting your sales and increasing your turnover.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is an instrument that skilfully appeals to the senses and emotions through skilfully distilled messages.

In a very short space of time, the message must grab the reader' s attention and prompt him to take action. It's at the top of the so-called conversion tunnel.

The meta-description and meta-title are also part of the prerogatives: in 150 characters, the surfer must be seduced and inclined to click on the link. This is one of many SEO criteria, which I invite you to discover here.

Bearing in mind that the general ability to concentrate has diminished, and that the mind is constantly engaged on screens, you need to make a rapid impact in a minimum of space, time or words.

Think of a newsletter: its title will do most of the work! 

What will make the recipient open the e-mail is its tantalizing title, full of promise.

Copywriting is a key stage in digital marketing, like neon lights in bars after dark. 

Although there are many links with web copywriting, the latter is designed to generate more visits to the site and increase its notoriety. Take a a look if you're in need of enriching content.

Copywriting is the art of convincing your target audience. Determine your audience's habits and know how to talk to them.

Is your target audience young and into new technologies? Opt for flashy call-to-actions with a singular imperative.

On the other hand, are you aiming for a chic clientele with a keen eye for detail? Adopt an elegant, subtle line of communication.

Taking care of your conversion axes is a step towards growth! Neglecting them can lead to stagnation or even a decline in your online revenues. 

Don't wait to boost your sales and call in a copywriter!

The benefits of copywriting

Using copywriting techniques, you can :

Increase your profits
Turn prospects into customers
Generate traffic
Gather data to refine your target audience
Simplifying the customer journey
Save time for the web user, and therefore for you

My copywriting services

Boost your sales and conversions with copywriting! Seduce your audience and increase your sales or database with proven seduction techniques.

Choose from a range of copywriting services:


Teaser texts


Sales pages



Practical info

It's hard to put a price on a copywriting service, because it all depends on the project, its size, its complexity, its target... 

Some services can be billed individually, while others require a certain number of working hours. 

For example, if a meta-description and a meta-title have a specific size to be effective, the rate will be roughly the same

A newsletter, on the other hand, will require time and precision to identify the target audience and deliver the right message.

Contact me to find out more about rates and get a free quote.

So, are you ready to get your business off the ground?

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