Web content

What is web content?

Unlike copywriting, whose main aim is to generate conversions, web copywriting is geared more towards driving traffic to your site

Well-optimized copywriting will encourage visits not only to your site, but also between your pages. 

In this way, you can pave the way for Internet users to redirect them towards your main objective (selling a product, subscribing to a newsletter, collecting data...).

Your brand's reputation and your natural referencing depend on well-crafted web copy.

What does web content involve?

In addition to its visuals, a company's brand image also relies on its communications. 

It must be carefully crafted to match its audience. Dior and McDonalds won't express themselves in the same way, because their customers don't have the same expectations.

There's nothing quite like storytelling or the right tone of voice.

Behind these anglicisms lies one of the essential pillars of virtual visibility: web writing or SEO writing.

Web content is one of the most cost-effective ways to stand out from the crowd, as it has an impact on natural search engine optimization.

If your site's texts are well written, you'll have a better chance of appearing in Google search results. 


For example, if you're a beekeeper in Alsace and the keywords used in your descriptions are correctly optimized, you'll have a good chance of appearing on the first page of Google if a web surfer's initial query is "miel bio Alsace" ("organic honey Alsace").

Although it shares certain similarities with copywriting, the latter is more conversion-oriented. If you're interested, go check this page for further information.

However, web content is only one of the links that will take your site to the top. 

Several criteria are taken into account when deciding between sites, such as page load time, sitemap, etc. 

Is your site performing well? Visit our SEO Consultancy page to find out more.

The benefits of web copywriting

Hiring a web copywriter allows you to :   

Create content
Referencing your website
Generate traffic
Feeding your site with optimized text
Linking website pages together
Defining your textual identity
Attracting a targeted audience

My web copywriting services

It's important that your brand image is well thought-out, both aesthetically and in terms of its positioning on the Internet.
Keywords, internal linking and tagging play a critical role, as they respond to the demands of another readership, that of the algorithms.
The structure of your texts and pages has a direct influence on your website's reputation. The more intuitive it is , and the more it is adapted to search engine robots, the higher your site's ranking in the first search results. 

Choose from a range of web content services:



Product data sheets


Tone of voice


Practical info

For product descriptions: from €5 per 100 words. Price may vary according to products described. Decreasing rate from 10 product sheets.

For articles: from €100 for a 600-word article. Price may vary according to topic, nature of service (prior keyword research, simple copywriting, etc.) and CMS integration. Decreasing rates from 1000 words.

For presentations: according to project.

Each service includes title tagging, internal linking and keywords (where possible).

So, are you ready to get your business off the ground?

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